Friday, August 10, 2007

Haute Couture Comes Home... To Home Depot?

So, you know, I was checking out the frosted window film options online at Home Depot earlier this afternoon, and stumbled upon a baffling discovery... Home Depot, that lexicon of all things DIY, carries some of the most stylish wallpaper! They carry the Julien MacDonald wallcovering collection. And it is good my friends. Oh, it is good. Top to bottom: Paradise, Dazzle, Exotic.

The last design, called Exotic. Reminds me of this wallpaper pattern that Sara Blohme designed. Only in my opinion, Sara's is better! I would love, love, love to have her wallpaper somewhere in my home, but alas, it hasn't been produced yet. I think her blogging friends are just going to post it until someone with the production facilities notices and snaps this pattern up! Fans of happysilly unite!