Thursday, June 14, 2007

... So Are The Days...

Scandalous updates on the soap opera family:

Grandma has isolated the cursed jewels and given them to Dad for safe keeping. She's doing much better, even sleeping through the night. But Dad's luck has taken a turn for the worse! Oh no! Will he escape the clutches of the evil magic mojo? He must dispose of the jewels. It's the only way!

My uncle is gay! His secret double life has been exposed! I always suspected. He has this je ne sais quoi about him. And Sarrinnen tulip chairs! But get this! He's married to a witch! And he's being haunted by the evilest of evil goblins! They appear at the foot of his bed whilst he sleeps and torment him with creepy faces and quick movements.

I would die. srsly.

So, up until now there has been some speculation about the alleged haunting of my Gran. My Dad was going to put a tape recorder in the house to record her "conversations" with the spirit world, because he needs to know once and for all. Is Grandma really being haunted or is she going crazy? Either way, we must know. But now with the news of my Uncle's encounters with the underworld, it sort of adds a little heft to the reality of said haunting.

I think it might be a combination of the crazy and the haunting. Grandma once told me that she "used to be psychic" but that she stopped when she started to see things that she didn't like. She never told me what those bad things were, but they were probably so repressed that she wouldn't have been able to conjure them if she wanted. My theory is that all the bad things that she foresaw as a psychic are coming true and it's too much for her little head to handle!

Stay tuned...