Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hi. My name is April, and I'm a shopaholic.

Sometimes I like to refer to it as retail therapy. A solution to a bad day at work, or a rainy day. Who am I trying to justify this erratic spending to? Myself probably. Shane thinks it's just a product of gender. I am a girl, therefore I like stuff. He does this imitation of being a girl that is kind of embarrassing. But only because it's true! He repeats "MORE! MORE! MORE!" whilst pantomiming a scooping motion with his arms. It's pretty funny. He gets this maniacal look on his face and his eyes bug out so much I think they're going to pop out of his head!

It mostly works as a form of therapy, but that moment of glee is just that. A moment. But I crave it like a junkie. I can't wait for my next fix! Now that I've discovered the joys of online shopping, I can experience the rush 24 hours a day! I'm kidding. Kinda.

This last month has seen over a dozen items purchased on Etsy which presents me with another rush... getting mail!!! My house is going to look fantastic once I have all this new artwork framed and put up! I'm also disguising this particular strain of online shopping as "good karma". I'm a seller on Etsy, so I should support the community! Right? Right.

These are some framed postcards from APAK that hang above the towels in my bathroom. It's my favourite room in the house (one of our walls is a window!) so I thought it fitting that these prints go in there. APAK are my first true loves of Etsy!

This one is from Oh My Cavalier, and it looks perfect in that little corner!

These are the prints which have yet to be framed. Two from APAK and "Hello May" from Ashleyg. I've just ordered "Hello June" and "For the Birds" from her as well. I was absolutely stunned by the quality of her prints!
But then I thought of all my friends who are artists and how I haven't bought anything from them... lookout kids. If I haven't already contacted you, I will in the future.

My new photo from Mr. Todd Duym. I can't wait to get my hands on you, little gnomes!!!

But wait! There's more! I shopped at a store that condones usage of sweatshop labor. You have to find balance within all this ethical handmade nonsense. It's just not right. I paid low, low prices for all these beautiful printed summer dresses! And then they gave me a discount because I bought so much.
I felt dirty.

But look at the pretty colours!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I feel better now.

What will today bring? Or tomorrow?
Will my pocketbook evaporate? Stay tuned.