Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wencil and Penelope are twins. They have skinny arms and legs, and big lollipop heads with huge sparkling eyes like their parents. Penelope is a whinger. She complains about everything, although she is very happy. She is very much her mother's daughter. Wencil is a mute, much like his father used to be (although no one would know this about him now).

Even though Wencil and Penelope take the time each day to dress in their vintage finest, they are not appreciated at school for their fashion saavy. All the children make fun of them for having ancient clothes. So, at the ripe age of seven, Wencil and Penelope take up drinking. This, of course, makes them popular with the older children. Kid's their own age just dont understand.

Wencil and Penelope host cocktail parties in the playhouse at recess. They serve martinis stirred; not shaken, and play Sinatra for their guests. The older kids don't quite understand the significance of the cocktail music or the importance of stirring over shaking, but they oblige the youngsters. Afterall, they are the ones with the booze.