Friday, March 9, 2007

My Precioussss

Yes, well, um, I've been having some issues with stress lately. Everything, even the smallest little thing, seems to set me off. I'm obsessed with doing everything myself. I stay late to merchandise at work, and I work at home on my days off, and my caffeine intake has skyrocketed, and I'm getting older and that means that my face is getting skinny and weird... But you see, its all in my grand scheme to one day transform into Gollum. He was once a regular old Hobbit, but he got stressed out over his obsession with the ring and it caused him to turn into that creepy swamp-thing. This photo is proof of my transformation. It has begun.

my preciousssssss

Exhibit A: The other morning I woke up and the fridge was kinda warm, so I started freaking out because we just went grocery shopping and I didn't want to come home to stinky rotten eggs and dairy products... so I shoved them all in the freezer and cranked the cold! I went to work and forgot about it for a while. Of course, then I started thinking that S was going to spill the eggs and milk out of the freezer and all over the floor when he got home from work. That meant that I'd have to clean it up when I got home 4 hours later because he would not do a good job! So I wanted to call him, but I couldn't because it was too early in the day and he'd forget. I had to wait until 4:30 or 5:00. I managed to forget again and at 7:30 S called me and I told him about the milk and eggs. He said that he found them and they were frozen.
When I got home at 10:00 I was upset because my milk was solid and I had to defrost it, and some of the eggs expanded and cracked. S said "I think we can all learn a lesson here..." and I cut him off exclaiming in my defense, "well! I was freaking out! I didn't want to come home to a fridge full of rotten food! aaaaaaaaagggggggghrrrr"
Then S looked at me and said:
"Do you know what I was going to say?"
"I was going to say that the lesson is not to freak out."