Friday, April 13, 2012


lucky for me, these styles are timeless! if you've followed me for a while, you know that i used to make... er, um, that is to say, threaten to make these recycled and eco friendly up-cycled cardigans. everything is sourced second hand; from the sweaters to the wool fabrics to the buttons, and sometimes even the yarns that i use to embellish them. it's very important to me to create something that is sustainable, fashionable and interesting out of something that was discarded for whatever reason. it's like giving something a second chance at life! a better life! i take the unwanted in, and bathe them, and clean up any pilling that they may have accumulated in their past and give them a fresh start, and a new style. makeover!

i hope you like what you see, i've listed these two sweaters in the shop today and i've got another two on the sewing table as we speak!

life has been so busy lately, but i really am enjoying getting back into the old etsy scene again. you know, the other day i read through a bunch of old etsy feedback from sales and it made me feel really good! i had the best customers! so sweet and kind. i think that's going to be my new therapy whenever i'm feeling down: read etsy feedback = feel better instantly!

thank you everyone! from the bottom of my heart.