Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i just keep thinking about japan.
even subconsciously, it is always on my mind.
it's all so overwhelming and it makes my heart hurt.

this is my humble homage to japanese zakka style.

flannel shirt: thrift store
wool plaid skirt: thrift store
plaid belt: thrift store
solid grey tights: old stuff
lacy grey tights: ethel's
knee socks: they are old
miu miu wood wedges: thrift store
brooch: allyson mellberg
japanese house lantern: daiso

firstly, let us acknowledge the extreme awesomeness that is allyson mellberg. i have long been an admirer of her amazingly weird imagination. her drawings always have that sort of sweet/sort of sinister edge that i love. so when i saw that she was offering something that i could wear in her etsy shop i jumped at the opportunity! honestly, after i bought this brooch, she added a bunch of hand painted tagua nut brooches that i fell hard for too... i may treat myself to some more soon!

allyson is such a sweetheart. she and her husband are having a little bit of a hard time right now, which caused a minor (and i mean tiny, really) delay in her sending out my package, and she sent along an amazing original drawing to apologize for the wait! can you believe it? i was floored! it's so perfect! we were talking about good, old fashioned, hippie vibes and there it is all drawn up in allyson mellberg goodness.

hippie vibes are all i've got these days.
thanks allyson!

i was inspired by allyson's creature to revive some old makeup techniques that i used to use back when i was a jr. vampire. my pale complexion is the perfect blank canvas for creating a slightly sickly look. when i was a gothic teen, i'd do myself up to the nines with hot pink eyeliner and blend my lips into the rest of my face leaving only a slight smudge of burgundy lipstick where my mouth should have been. it looked horrifying... in the best possible way.

i didn't want to scare anyone in this case, so i brightened and lightened it up a bit, but the elements are all there. nude lipstick blended into pink in the middle and my eyes are naturally doing the purply eyeliner due to lack of sleep.