Sunday, August 8, 2010

rainy days and mondays

we woke up to pouring rain and cold, so we decide we best have a good old fashioned greasy breakfast before alice headed off to volunteer at creativity explored, and shane and i headed downtown.

chinatown: home of overwhelming choice of beads. i couldn't decide what to get and ended up leaving with nothing! i'll be back for you my pretties!

from chinatown, we wandered up past the italian neighborhood and had coffees and pastries.

a homeless man told us that marilyn monroe married frank sinatra here. he was misinformed. that never happened.

bottle brush tree!

we walked up to coit tower to check out the views. which were less than stellar because of all the low lying clouds... but still pretty, none the less.

lombard street! the steepest, curvy-est street in america. we watched the cars for a while, it was starting to get dark and the lights were twinkling on the hill.


so much walking! we were gone all day and it was so cold! eventually the sun set; we wandered back home to mission and got tacos at twice on the way home.