Thursday, August 5, 2010


while searching for that ikea josefin fabric on the internet, i came across a few things of note. things that were kind of love at first sight. that's the thing about the internet... it can take you down these magical rabbit holes, to things you can't afford but that you suddenly cannot live without.


item number one: this chair! i don't understand anything on that site, except PRETTY RUFFLESSSSSS!

next up is the work of canadian wallpaper and textile designer, judit gueth. her koi and peacock wallpapers were definitely love at first sight for me. just the right amount of art nouveau meets animal illustration. very reminiscent of c.f.a. voysey, who is my absolute favourite! i wish i could find a book of his wallpaper and textile designs (at a reasonable price) to flip through. it would be an endless source of inspiration!

i mean, just look at this stuff:

sea horses and owls, and there's so much more!