Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I found this romper on etsy this morning, which reminded me of the Miu Miu spring 2010 collection; which got me thinking about building an outfit homage to Miu Miu using only etsy finds.

Start with a bold print and a contrasting butterfly collar from modeparesseuse.

Layer it up with this printed romper, buttoned all the way up for a prim and proper look, from putonthatdress.

Grab this amazing 1980s python and leather clutch from theperiwinkleegg.

With a little DIY, vinyl swallow silhouette cut out applique, your handbag will look pretty close to the real thing.
(I couldn't find any faux snakeskin on etsy, but there's plenty of the real stuff)

In my opinion, Miucia Prada consistently makes the most covetable shoes and handbags. Just look at these things!

But! Look at what I found at fashionrerun! So close!

Again, with a little DIY, textile ink and a wee flying bird stamp found at jflairgoods, we're coming pretty close to fooling everyone!

Pattern overload!
Don't try this at home people!!!
I'm not too sure that ANYONE could pull off this outfit that I just put together. It's FAR too literal.
I think we should all just appreciate these elements separately, and NOT cram all of those patterns into one outfit!