Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sexy times

I saw Grizzly Bear last night, and they were as magical as ever! I saw them two years ago in a venue with a crappy sound system and bad sight lines, and I was still mesmerized! This time they played a decidedly more professional venue and it was a thousand times better. I love these boys! They sing like angels and they back that up with chunky bass and drums and chorusy jangly guitars... it's like they're from another time. Just really beautiful.

Their new album Veckatimest came out yesterday too, and I'm telling everyone that you MUST purchase this album... right now! Go get it, and listen to it on repeat. Over and over again. Forever.

P.S.-The opener was Foreign Born, and we were joking that they should really change their name to Foreign Boring. Har har har!