Wednesday, January 7, 2009

little nut house on the prairie

I woke up this morning with last night's sleep knot abstracted and teased into the most amazing hair sculpture perched atop my head! I was absolutely smitten with it! I thought that it made me look like a deranged Gibson Girl! Awesome! So I threw on this wacky ensemble and went about my day. I bought these yellow tights over a year ago and I've only worn them once. I feel like the chicken lady when I wear them, and that disturbs me...

ruffle blouse: seduction
pleated wool skirt: thrifted
yellow tights: american apparel
specators: chie mihara
necklace: made by me
earrings: made by me
sparrow (nestled in my nest of hair): christmas decoration from the bay
teapot: thrifted
teacup: ritzenhoff