Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last night I came home from a hard day at work (one where I was secretly plotting the death... well, maiming actually, of one of my coworkers) to find an envelope containing this print from one miss Ashley Goldberg's etsy shop! It was a nice little surprise to cheer me up after that awful day spent at the work-job! Hooray for retail therapy... even if this particular gift to myself was bought days earlier for no other reason than that it is so entirely perfect! I love Ashley's work and own several prints. I hope that one day I can afford an original. I guess that means I'll have to cut back on the retail therapy... I'm not sure that I can do that yet.

I love this print so much that I thought that I would try to recreate it in wardrobe remix format! I mean, I've got the fox and tons of red ribbon just lying around, so why not?!