Tuesday, October 28, 2008

omg! d'you know who else is hot?

So I got all distracted by Christopher Walken and his pointy teeth and I forgot to tell you about my crazy dream that I had last night! I dreamt that it was 1964 and I was making out with Paul McCartney (hot, young Paul McCartney as pictured above and below in these David Bailey photographs) and everything was black and white, because it's the 60s and everything was black and white. Obvs.

And then it was the late 60s all of a sudden and I was Paul McCartney! And I was on a train with John Lennon and I was reeeeaally high, and John was giving me a lecture about how I'm such a deadbeat because I'm high all the time, and I was trying to argue back but I'm obviously way to high to even form words so I just sort of grunt and roll over on the floor!

The next thing you know I'm having an out of body experience! So I'm now Paul McCartney's spirit and I'm watching Paul McCartney's body being taunted by John who's trying to get me to try and stand up. So I'm trying but my legs are all jello-y so I'm basically dancing around like a drunk marionette! Then I finally stand up and fall out of the side of the train because the whole side is open like a boxcar even though it's fully furnished inside, and I catch my watch on the side of the train! I'm totally passed out and dangling there while the rest of the Beatles look on in horror! They all have to run to get the train conductor to stop the train, and meanwhile I've fallen off somewhere in the night.

And then I woke up.

The End.