Friday, September 19, 2008

a little bird told me

Lately I've been feeling just awful, hence the lack of fashion photos. It's been one thing after another and frankly, I'm sick of it! No pun intended. Today I thought I'd give it a go and see what kind of results I could get. You can definitely see the dark circles under my eyes, but all in all, I think it's wardrobe remix worthy.

I ordered this yellow linen 1950s day dress from ebay months and months ago, but hadn't worn it until yesterday. It was a steal because it was kind of dirty and damaged, but I really liked the colour and the collar detail, so I bid and won (I was the only bidder). When it came I realised that it was a bit too big and starchy and dirty so I was pretty disappointed. Yesterday I tossed it in the washer and dryer in an attempt to shrink it. It shrank just enough and became buttery soft! Unfortunately all the seams were unfinished and now, after one wear, they're pulling apart. I'm going to have to reinforce all the seams before I can wear it again. And I will. This dress has the potential to be one of my faves... even though it wrinkles like a mo-fo!