Friday, September 5, 2008

elizabeth my dear

It's my good friend Cadence's 4th birthday tomorrow! I was commissioned by her mum and dad to make a princess gown for the occasion. I decided that I shouldn't waste this opportunity to research and decided upon an Elizabethan gown. Of course I took some liberties. I only had two and a half days to make it, and it's a dress for a 4 year old! It doesn't have to be historically accurate, silly!

I started the dress last weekend and put it aside for the rest of the week. It was a busy week filled with too many days at the crummy work-job and lots of dancing and drinking and art and general rowdiness... there was just no time for sewing sequins! I left myself just one day to finish the dress: today.

I awoke early to answer emails and check in on the blogs, got dressed, started taking photos of some new earrings for the shop and then my eyes started to go all funny and I was seeing spots! Not today! Anyone who suffers from migraines knows that they sneak up on you full force! I was down for the count for most of the afternoon. I got the dress done just an hour ago! Cadence will have her dress!