Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heavens To Betsy!

Holy Moses! If this isn't the greatest anachronism known to man! It's the Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine, otherwise known as a computer. A really big, wooden computer.

The inventor of this charming interpretation says that "while charming in its reticence, the buzzing beige rectangle under a desk hardly seems a fitting aesthetic legacy for what is inarguably the most important invention of the last 50 years." Sounds reasonable doesn't it? So he has employed some good old fashioned anachronism (pun intended) to "create a false historical heritage for the modern computer".

I stumbled upon the website of Richard R. Nagy who retrofits modern inventions with the pomp and circumstance of the Golden Age of Industry. He makes the new... old again. Also check out his laptop which is to die for, and his made to order custom keyboards. If I had a few hundred dollars just lying around I would totally be commissioning something!