Thursday, November 15, 2007

Megan Bogonovitch

I was familiar with Megan's Etsy shop, melabo but I hadn't gone over to her website until just recently. I wish I had gone sooner! Her ceramics are the type of thing that I wanted to make when I was in university (way back when) but my pot-smoking professor had an aversion to coloured glazes and forbad anyone from using them, or any pop culture references in their work, for that matter. She found it trite. I therefore, made organic goth sculptures out of red clay rubbed with iron oxide and I skipped class almost every day. I still passed with honours, but I regret to this day that I didn't follow my heart and use that colour glaze and that old DAS mould set.

These are some examples from Megan's website. I had a really hard time narrowing my selections down to a few! I love all of her work so much! Her sculptures are kind of like a three dimensional illustration, and the colours are so soft and watercoloury. Almost confectionary in their appearance!

In to Out of
Bag of Tricks
Suburban Front Lawn Proposal
Colonial Subdivision

Her work immediately reminds me of Jeff Koons' work; most probably because of the ceramic aspect and the pop culture references. Jeff's work was 80s pop culture; sex, booze, Nike, and cynicism. Megan's work is pop culture of the oughts where its a softer, more feminine folklore with a touch of cynicism added for good measure.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles 1988 Jeff Koons

Bourgeois Bust-Jeff and Ilona 1995 Jeff Koons