Saturday, November 3, 2007

Buy My Stuff

I need cash. Real bad. I just booked my flight home for the hollidays and yikes... my family had better be nice to me! I could have gone somewhere far more exotic than North-western Ontario for the cost of my ticket. I love my family, and haven't been "home" to visit for over 5 years now, so I know it will be a great time. Eating, thrift store shopping, eating, being cold, eating, hmmm... probably watching TV with Mum and Dad... eating. I will be bored for 3 weeks, and when I return I will be poor. AND I have fallen in love with two pairs of boots. What's a girl to do? Ask Santa?

These are from Free People and cost about half of what my ticket home cost. *whoops! UPDATE* These boots are soooo fugly in person. They look like Wallmart. I did't notice in the photo, but they have a HUGE moulded rubber sole with eeeew fake stitching! Come on man! If your boots cost over 400bucks I think you can figure out a way to make actual thread stitching.

And these are slightly more affordable (although I can't) from Brown's B2 line. They look like grubs! Gross, yet (m)odly apealing.

I love them both! Help a sister out!