Thursday, October 11, 2007

Karin Bubas

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of playing dress up and posing for photos for the lovely and talented Karin Bubas! (this is not me in the photo above) I love the photo of the mop and broom so very much! It's just so romantic! Love can be found anywhere; even in the utility closet. Seven minutes of heaven, anyone?

Karin has only recently made her foray into the world of the full time artist, and she highly recommends quitting your day-job to focus on your career. Albeit with a little bit of planning. Oh, and a whole lot of talent!

Thus is the plight of the artist: it's a dificult concept to imagine living off the fruits of your imagination without that safety net of a steady paycheque from some job that is probably sucking your soul anyway... so why is it so hard to give it up? Sometimes after leaving the work-job and complaining for about 1-2 hours I feel that there is nothing left to give. But I get paid, so... something has to suffer... right? Wrong. Cutting back on the "retail therapy" is the first step to starting your new, happy, and fulfilling life as a self-employed artist. It sounds easy... but it's NOT! It's that vicious cycle of being unsatisfied with life and filling the void with fancy coffee, trinkets and shoes. Do you have any idea how many pairs of shoes I have bought in the last two weeks? NINE. It was a rough couple of weeks, okay. Don't judge.

Talking with Karin was very inspirational. She said I was a natural! So with that encouragement I have decided to quit my day job to focus on modelling, full time! I already have a photo shoot scheduled for next week. Things are looking up!
... now, if only this were a viable career option for me.
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