Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, you know my name is Simon

And the things I draw come true!

All week I've been thinking about drawing a series of mice. Today I started the series. I drew one with pen and was not pleased with the results, so I dug out the India ink and started on mouse number two. Just as I was finishing up that drawing, I saw something dark moving in the kitchen... A MOUSE!

At first I was like "Wow! Cool. I was just drawing one of those. Soooo cute!"
But then I started thinking about the fact that there is a mouse in my apartment. Not so cute, actually.

Our fridge died last week, and we got the replacement on Friday (which was no longer working by Tuesday). It was a used fridge of questionable origin. All I know is that it was cleaned out twice before I felt it was clean enough to put food into. There was actual mold inside... and now I'm guessing mice too! We've never seen or heard of anyone in the building having mice before and this "new" fridge is the only way I can think of that the little critter got in.